Concert at the Yara Cinema

August 2017

Havana, Cuba

After his successful tour in Europa, Eliades Ochoa is already inmersed in the preparation of his new concert. This time, the presentation will be in Havana, specifically at the Yara Cinema, located in the crowded corner of 23 and L, Vedado.

This is his first concert in a Cuban great hall, since his memorable concert in Great Theater of Habana Alicia Alonso, five years ago, which is picked up on the DVD “Eliades Ochoa, desde el Gran Teatro de la Habana”.

The long tours and presentations by the whole world prevented him to organize this kind of spectacle. That is the main reason he want to be with his people again, to offer them his anthological songs and new tracks included in his latest productions.

Eliades also has prepared a very pleasant surprise: the premiere of his new music video, directed by the very important Cuban audiovisual director, Juan Padrón.

The union of Padrón and Eliades in the year 1999 bring us the successful and awarded music video “Píntate los labios María”, inspired in his song with the same name:

Juan Padrón: successful and outstanding Cuban cartoon director. Caricaturist, cartoonist, ilustrator and screenwriter. Director of “Elpidio Valdés” and “Vampiros en La Habana”. He collaborated with the Argentine comedian Joaquín Lavado (Quino), creator of the popular character “Mafalda” and the serie “Quinoscopio”.

Padrón received the National Film Prize for his career and was awarded in the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema; also in Spain, England and Colombia International Festivals.

The music video “Píntate los labios María” received four Lucas awards in the Cuban Music Video Festival.

Eliades Ochoa, RCentro


Concert in Yara

Eliades Ochoa is already immersed in the preparation of his new concert.