Eliades Ochoa: from the trova for the world

Eliades Ochoa: from trova to the world, is the title of the book that the author Grisel Sande Figueredo has published by Cuban Editions of ARTEX, with details of the life and work of Eliades.

The text includes a large selection of photographs, scores of some of the themes that Eliades has played throughout the race, as well as a review of all his discography. Likewise appear opinions of close friends, such as Ibrahím Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Ruben Blades, Pancho Amat, Ry Cooder, Charles Musselwhite, Maria Teresa Linares, among others.

The book is written from the personal experience of Grisel, who has been Eliades’ wife for more than 30 years. The experiences they both relate in these pages are a well-deserved tribute to the Cuban troubadours’ effort to make their art known. Not for nothing, Silvio Rodríguez decided to write the prologue of this literary work, which had a first edition in 2009, held in Madrid, and then two more, one in 2011 and another in 2016, both recreated in English and Spanish by Ediciones Cubanas de ARTEX.


Concert in Yara

Eliades Ochoa is already immersed in the preparation of his new concert.