<> on December 18, 2016 in Havana, Cuba.

Eliades Ochoa and Snarky Puppy

December 2016

Theater Mella, Havana, Cuba

Guests: Snarky Puppy

Eliades Ochoa was the special guest of the American group Snarky Puppy during the closing concert of the Festival Jazz Plaza, held in Havana last December.

The theme performed at the Mella Theater was This is Nature, a premiere of Eliades, which to the public’s surprise, is part of the album currently recorded in the Abdala Studios under the musical production of Michael Leagne, director of Snarky Puppy .

The working relationship between Eliades and the American band, which began at the end of 2016, has given him contemporary nuances to the melodic lines of one of the most emblematic figures of the Cuban trova.

The phonogram will feature more than 10 songs. In its realization participates the Patria Group and musicians of Snarky Puppy. Its launch is scheduled for mid 2017.


Concert in Yara

Eliades Ochoa is already immersed in the preparation of his new concert.