Fighting for life

Eliades Ochoa hosted a documentary titled Fighting for Life, which shows the passion with which important troubadours defend their work, in the midst of their daily lives.

The documentary is made by Spanish television and ICAIC, under the direction of Patricia Ferreira and the production of Manuel Veguin.

The recordings were made in the city of Santiago de Cuba, in locations such as downtown Heredia, the Padre Pico staircase, the Dolores concert hall, the Casa de la Trova and in the municipality of II Frente, birthplace of Eliades .

In the filming they participate artists such as the singer Eva Griñán, the group Estudiantina Invasora, the sets Ecos del Tivolí and Los Guanches, Septeto Santiaguero among others.

Fighting for life is part of a much more comprehensive project entitled “Todo el mundo es música”, which travels through six different countries in the hands of musicians, teachers who maintain traditional rhythms and popular roots: in Cuba: Fighting for Life with Eliades; In Mexico: Music and horns of goat with Los Tigres of the North; Honduras and Belize: Garífuna adventure with Aurelio Martínez; In Argentina: Chamamé Crudo with Chango Spasiuk and in Peru: Afro-Peruvian music: after the long night with Susana Baca.


Concert in Yara

Eliades Ochoa is already immersed in the preparation of his new concert.